13.8. 2022 (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

Dragon boat racing is over 2,000 years old tradition originating from ancient China. The boats, derived from the water god (dragon), are 12.5 meters long and can accommodate twenty paddlers, 10 on the left and 10 on the right. The final twenty-two crew members are then joined by a helmsman standing at the stern and a drummer sitting on a high stool at the front, who beats a leather drum to set the rhythm of paddling. The bow and stern of the ship are decorated with a carved dragon head and tail. However, we will have sprint versions with ten female competitors at the festival.

 The price of the entry fee includes not only the race fee, but is also a valid ticket for all days of The Most Fest.  

For families and friends of the crews, a ticket to the festival costs 500 CZK (amount according to the capacity of the tent).

Entry fee for 11 crew members:
   CZK 12,500  for company crews (including entrance fee to the festival for the entire team) 
     CZK 7,500  for corporations of friends  ( including entrance fee to the festival for the entire team)

If you have a question, write to us using the contact form. Thank you

Basic rules of the race:

• starts are free
• boats approach the start at the same time
• approaching the start line is controlled by the coxswain according to the starter
's instructions • at the starter's instructions the buoys stop at the line
• the start is from a complete standstill
• a boat that starts early according to the starter's instructions may be penalized 5 seconds
• the start command is "Ready" and then a shot is fired

Disputed situations are decided by:
• race organizer
• head referee
• representative of the DL association
• starter