13.8. 2022 (16:00 - 18:00)

Experience the colors of the rainbow and earn a medal by participating in the Rainbow Run. A 3 km route will be prepared for adults and 1 km for children. Each participant will receive not only a racing T-shirt and colored glasses, but also a supply of colors to create a common rainbow. We will all create a unique colorful experience together. 

The price of the entry fee includes not only the race fee, but is also a valid ticket for all days of The Most Fest. In the price, the participant will also receive a package with a T-shirt, medal, starting number and crayons. 

Entry fee:

550 + 250 CZK (entrance fee + start fee) 1.3. - 31.3. 2022, limited edition

650 + 250 CZK  (entrance fee + start fee) 1.4. - 31.5. 2022, limited edition

850 + 250 CZK  (entrance fee + start fee) 1.6. - 31.7. 2022

1,000 CZK + 250 CZK  (entrance fee + start fee) 1.8. - 10.8. 2022

On site 500 CZK (the price does not include the festival ticket)

For families and friends of the crews, a ticket to the festival costs 500 CZK (2 people)

If you already have a ticket to the festival, please write it in the message at registration. 

Children up to 100 cm FREE

Children under 15 years 50% discount